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The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift6.0
  • Director: Justin Lin
  • Cast: Lucas Black Damien Marzette Trula M. Marcus Zachery Ty Bryan Brandon Brendel Daniel Booko David V. Thomas Amber Stevens West Ashika Gogna Christian Salazar Kevin Caira Trey Sanford Danny Ray McDonald II Nikki Griffin Vincent Laresca Joey Crumpton Lynda Boyd Brian Goodman Yôko Maki Nathalie Kelley Rie Shibata Shad Moss Toshi Hayama Atley Siauw Leonardo Nam Kazuki Namioka Hiroshi Hatayama Jason Tobin Keiko Kitagawa Brian Tee Sung Kang Kaila Yu Aiko Tanaka Satoshi Tsumabuki Alden Ray Konishiki Jimmy Lin Caroline de Souza Correa Silvia Suvadová Keiichi Tsuchiya Kazutoshi Wadakura Verena Mei Mari Jaramillo Shôko Nakagawa Mikiko Yano Wendy Watanabe Tina Tsunoda Koji Kataoka Shin'ichi Chiba Tak Kubota Stuart W. Yee Mickey Koga Hidesuke Motoki
  • Genre: CrimeThrillerAction
  • Release year: 2006
  • Duration Time: 104 minutes
  • Country: United States

This episode continues the story of the previous episode of "Fast and Furious". After uncovering the truck robbery by the Biao Che Gang, undercover police officer Brian (Paul Walker Taiwan Film Network) completed his mission and returned to the FBI, but Soon, the new task came again. Federal agents in Miami suspected the cunning businessman Carter Weilong (Cole Hauser) to use his import and export trading company as a cover for international money laundering, but they have been suffering from no evidence. Customs officials have been closely monitoring Wei Long's every move for a year, and found that he loves illegal street racing activities, except that he rarely contacts the outside world. For this reason, the FBI had no choice but to send Brian once again to break into the inside of the car racers on the streets of Miami to obtain evidence of Wei Long's money laundering in order to catch the head of the international money laundering organization. Brian agreed to be an undercover agent again, but insisted on partnering with his childhood friend Roman Pierce (Tyrese Gibson). Pierce is a former criminal, not only a criminal master, but also a highly skilled racer. In order to get the job of the Biaoche Clan, Brian not only engaged in criminal activities with them, but also became friends with the leader Carter Weilong. At the same time, another undercover agent sent by the police to the Biaoche clan, the female police officer Monika Foanti (Eva Mantis) has gradually gained evidence of Carter's crime. But things went wrong. It turned out that the undercover policewoman Monika and the crime boss Carter had a very ambiguous relationship, and Brian also unknowingly fell in love with Monika, and the relationship between the three became deeper and deeper. At the same time, the police and the FBI are putting more and more pressure on Brian, requiring him to find out who is the real leader as soon as possible and find evidence of Carter's money laundering. Facing friendship, love and the law, Bryan had to make a difficult choice...

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