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The Fast And The Furious

The Fast And The Furious6.8
  • Director: Rob Cohen
  • Cast: Paul Walker Vin Diesel Michelle Rodriguez Jordana Brewster Rick Yune Chad Lindberg Johnny Strong Matt Schulze Ted Levine Ja Rule Vyto Ruginis Thom Barry Stanton Rutledge Noel Gugliemi R.J. de Vera Beau Holden Reggie Lee David Douglas Peter Navy Tuiasosopo Neal H. Moritz Doria Anselmo) Glenn K. Ota F. Valentino Morales Mike White Delphine Pacific Monica Tamayo Megan Baker Tammy Monica Gegamian
  • Genre: CrimeThrillerAction
  • Release year: 2001
  • Duration Time: 105 minutes
  • Country: United States

Young people in Los Angeles are keen on street racing. Here, as long as you have speed, you have everything. The newly recruited police officer Brian (Paul Walker) acts as an undercover agent in order to solve the recent frequent car hijackings by the Speeder Party. He breaks into the active Speeder Party gangs here and collects evidence in order to take the criminals to justice. With his superb car skills, Brian quickly won the appreciation and trust of Dominique’s elder Dominic (Vin Diesel), and he quickly met Dominic’s sister Mia (Jordana Brewster). Acting) Falling in love. However, Vince, the second in command of the Speeding Party, is full of hostility towards Brian. It turns out that Vince has always had a crush on Mia, and Brian's arrival threatens his second in command.

At this time, members of the Speeding Party began to suspect that they had hidden spies, and Brian's life began to be difficult. And the longer the contact with Dominic, the deeper the friendship between them, and Brian started a dilemma.

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