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Deep Blue Sea 3

Deep Blue Sea 34.6
  • Director: John Pogue,
  • Cast: Tania RaymondeNathaniel BuzolicEmerson BrooksBren FosterReina Aoi
  • Genre: HorrorActionSci-fi
  • Release year: 2020
  • Duration Time: 99 minutes
  • Country: France

In the Pacific Ocean, a group of explorers took a ship to explore the depths of the ocean. When they were docking their missions, the crew on the ship detected an unidentified obstacle approaching near the deep sea. They urgently contacted the people entering the sea, but a tragedy occurred in the end. The monitor was eaten by sharks. Six months later, near Mexico’s coastal port near the Pacific Ocean, sharks reappeared without people knowing. A young man who loves diving found a shark tooth in the sea. This tooth aroused the interest of the young man, and he began to look for relevant information. And will sharks really appear in Mexico’s ports again? Will people’s lives be threatened?

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